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  • Dec 17, 2011 3:32am

    lucky-chlover said: i have a round face shape and im trying to figure out the best way to apply blush for more definition. its one of the only areas of my face make up wise that i am unsure about. any suggestions?

    Yay our first question!!

    What you need to do is sculpt out the areas of your face that you want to hide and emphasize. Contouring can do wonders to change the shape of a face. You need two things for this - a contour color and a highlight color. Your contour color should be at least two shades darker than your natural skintone. Whereas your highlight color should be one or two shades lighter. With this technique you are basically manipulating the shadows on your face to create the illusion of a different shape. Where you add shadow the face will draw back inwards, and where you add a highlight the face will draw outwards.

    The best product to use for contouring is a bronzer or a darker face powder than you would normally use. It is important to replicate the color of the natural shadows on your face. Because what you are doing is essentially adding shadow to create hollowness. Make sure the color isn’t too orangey. Using a colorful blush for contouring can sometimes look unnatural and very 80s. Blush should only be used to add a natural flush to the face. Unless it is a brownish bronzey color that is close to the natural color of skin.

    For a round face shape you’ll want to sculpt the sides of your face. That is your cheekbones, the sides of your temples and underneath your jawline. Adding darkness to this area will create the illusion of a longer face. If you can’t find where your cheekbone is all you need to do is make a fishy face. Where your cheek sinks in is where the contour color should go. The darker you make this area, the more sculpted your face will look. You can apply the same technique to your jaw line to sculpt out your jaw bone. Apply the same dark color on the underside of your jaw bone, blending upwards towards your ear. This will define the shape of your jaw and hide any double chinny-ness (a problem I struggle with).

    To further elongate the shape of your face I suggest placing your highlight color on the top and bottom of your face to pull it up and outwards. That is the center of your forehead and your chin. This contrast between the dark and the light will help emphasize the shading and tie the whole look together. If you have oily skin be careful with overly shimmery highlighters as they can make you look like a greaseball. Also be sure to keep highlight away from the center of your face, that is your nose area and the apples of your cheeks. I find that applying highlight on the apples of the cheeks tends to make a round face look rounder.

    Next if you want to wear blush this should be placed quite high on the cheekbone, staying well away from the apples of the cheeks. Any emphasis on the center of your face will only rounden the shape you are creating. Be sure to blend everything really well so that all the colors seamlessly fade into one another. Stripes are never flattering. 

    Here’s a diagram to help explain it further:

    Let us know how it worked for you.

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